I have been a pig person since the mid-1970’s, but potbellies became my focus in 1989 when I acquired my first breeding pair, Jitterbug and Yoda. While this pair has crossed over, their genetics was strong in my breeding program and I produced fine, well bred pets for 25 years.
In 2013 I was forced to stop breeding because of my inability to find unrelated breeding stock.  It seems that breeders no longer feel it is important to have pure bred, registered stock.  I miss this part of my pig passion very much, but intend to continue educating, counseling, and providing references and resources to people desiring important information on the care, training and management of a pet pig.

Dear Pet Pig Owners:

I would just like to thank Nancy Shepherd for all her help on the situation I had here with my pig.  We have a pot belly pig named Goldberg, he is 3 years old.  He recently hurt his back right hoof.  We though it was broken and couldn’t get him to the vet without causing him more pain.  He weighs about 150 pounds.  He was pretty much 3 legging it.  We finally found a vet that would come to the house and determined he had a broken toe or two but not his foot.  We were quite concerned because we thought they wouldn’t be able to help him.  I emailed Nancy Shepherd, she was so helpful.  She stayed in touch with me through this horrible ordeal and offered so much help.  She was more help to us than all of the doctors that I called in the Las Vegas area.  When we first got Goldberg three years ago, we knew nothing about pigs.  Just that he was the cutest thing I have ever seen.  He now is still the cutest thing I have ever seen!  I called Nancy (also 3 years ago when he was a baby) and she gave me all the information I needed on feeding and training, etc.  He was a baby and we knew nothing about pigs.  We did a good job with him.  He is a great house pet, is totally housebroken and is not destructive.  The only trouble he likes to get in to is that he likes to eat the little plastic tips off the shoe strings of sneakers.  But if you put them away, no problem!  He turned out to be a wonderful pet.  I purchased a book from Nancy called Potbellied Pig Parenting.  It is a great book and I would recommend it to everyone.  I just want to thank Nancy for being such a wonderful help to me.