Before purchasing or adopting a Potbellied Pig, consider this:

  • You should own your home or are buying one. In other words, that you do not live in an apartment.
  • Check that you are zoned to have a pet pig. Pigs are illegal in many places. To find out if you are zoned, contact your local zoning commission, animal control, or perhaps ask your Chamber of Commerce to help.
  • You must have a secure, fenced in yard.
  • Find a vet who is familiar with treating pet pigs.
  • Realize this is a long term commitment:  you should have the time and motivation to care for a pet pig for it’s entire life, which is typically 13 years and even up to 18 years.

Much homework and preparation are necessary before getting a pet pig. It’s never too early to begin!

Download Pig Harness guideline here…


Potbellied Pig Parenting, Book – $20

By Nancy Shepherd

This 110-page indexed & bound manual is a comprehensive guide that promises to enhance the relationship between you and your pig.

Put Pig O’ My Heart experience to work for your Pigs!

Since the mid-1970’s, Nancy Shepherd
has opened her heart and her home to pigs—big and small, young and old, trained and not-so trained—because, quite simply, she cares about pigs. In 1989 she began to specialize in potbellied pig breeding, behavior and training. Her pigs won many
ribbons at pig shows, she published monthly articles in the Pot-Bellied Pig Journal, and then put all her knowledge into her own book, Potbellied Pig Parenting. Nancy adopted her well-bred and trained piglets to people all over the country until 2013. Now she tends to her own pigs along with various wayward pigs on a lovely farm in mid-Missouri.

Let Nancy Help You With Your Pig

Nancy has been writing on a national level since 1991. She has shared her knowledge and insight with readers to help them:

  • understand the nature of the potbellied pig
  • socialize and re-socialize the complicated pig
  • provide indoor and outdoor accommodations
  • offer your pig constructive pastimes
  • travel safely and enjoyably with your pig
  • solve care and management problems
  • and much, much more

Veterinary Management of Miniature Pigs, Book –  $13

By Lisle George, DVM, PhD, University of California at Davis

This is a 47-page, comprehensive and technical veterinary manual that you will want to share with your veterinarian.

  • Intravenous Catheterization & Fluid Administration to Potbellied Pigs
  • Bleeding Potbellied Pigs
  • Anesthesia of Potbellied Pigs
  • Local Anesthesia – Miniature pigs do not tolerate restraint & consequently…
  • Spaying Potbellied Pigs
  • Castration of Potbellied Pigs
  • Castration of Herniated Potbellied Pigs
  • Dystocia of Potbellied Pigs
  • Cesarean Section of Potbellied Pigs
  • Abdominal surgery of Potbellied Pigs
  • General Surgery of Potbellied Pigs
  • Endoparasites of Potbellied Pigs
  • Vaccination of Potbellied Pigs
  • Diagnosis and treatment of Potbellied Pig Diseases
  • Nutrition of Adult Potbellied Pigs
  • Management of the Neonatal Potbellied Pig
  • Average Daily Gain of Neonatal Piglets
  • Weights of Potbellied Piglets by Day
  • Daily Volume of Milk Replacer Fed to Orphan Potbellied Pigs
  • Reproduction of Potbellied Pigs
  • Suggested Drug Dosages for Potbellied Pigs
  • Suggested Reference Values for Potbellied Pigs

Proceeds from the sale of Dr. George’s manual go to sanctuaries and other potbellied pig causes. Thanks.

 Children’s Books On Pet Pigs

In each of these books much content and many photos were supplied by Nancy.

 1. Peculiar Pets: Potbellied Pigs

Bearport Publishing, 2010, ISBN 10 1-58716-862-9

 2. How to Convince your Parents you can Care…for a Potbellied Pig

Mitchell Lane Publishers, 2008, ISBN 9781584156611

 3. Keeping Unusual Pet…Potbellied Pigs

Heinemann-Raintree, 2004, ISBN 140340828-9


wpe1There Is Simply No Better Harness For Your Pig!

Modified “A” Design

The primary function of a harness is to provide a means for the owner to communicate intended behavior and movement. How the harness fits is critical to good communication. The Comfort Fit Safety Harness is positioned just behind the apex of the shoulder. The modified “A” design allows the miniature pig more freedom of movement and gives you better control.

Ultra Comfort

The Comfort Fit Safety Harness is designed to provide maximum comfort and avoid chafing. Made from 4000 lbs. test combed nylon, for softer finish, it features reversed sewn seams. There are no sharp edges or rough spots to irritate tender skin. It is crafted from the finest materials and made in the USA.

Easy to Put On – Safer to Wear

The Comfort Fit Safety Harness has two contoured quick-release safety snaps positioned on the left side. That makes a big difference. It’s easier to put on by draping over the shoulder to snap. It’s safer and easier to take off because it does not need to be pulled over the head. It is crafted from the finest materials and made in the USA.

These quality harnesses and leads are available from